Mini-Workshop Session

A 1.5h session will be dedicated to a Mini-Workshop.

It corresponds to a dedicated practical work for interested students in small groups and in an informal way.

Different proposed themes will run in parallel and interested students will have to register at the beginning of the school.

The topics list will be updated and concerns now:

* PYTHIA 8 Tutorial by Peter Skands


* Particle Detectors by Mac Mestayer

3 subjects are proposed and the group will have to select a preferred one

1) Big mistakes of the past; for example, large electro-static deflections in early proportional chambers, sparking and wire-breaking, rapid 'aging' using some gas mixtures, persistent corona discharges due to thin insulating layers, etc.

2) Cost saving designs: simplicity, using items already mass-produced by industry, other?

3) The many considerations of calibration, alignment, etc.

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